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Hi! I’m Souhir BEN AMARA
Tunisian Actress
Born on November 27, Souhir is a young Tunisian theatre, cinema and television actress.
She interpreted a variety of roles. She has worked with major Tunisian directors such as Nouri Bouzid and Ridha El Behi.
As the daughter of a diplomat, she lived until the age of six in Paris. She has been passionate about art since she was a little dreamer. It was by age sixteen that she decided to make of art the purpose of her life. After getting her Baccalaureate, she pursued her studies at the Higher Institute of Media and Arts, Tunisia (ISAM) where she obtained her graduation certificate as cinematographic director.
In 2008, she participated in the International Festival of Amator Film of Kelibia (FIFAK) and won an award for her end of studies project: The Cat has spoken (Le chat a dit).
Souhir Ben Amara made her first big screen appearance in the film Always Brando, 2011, directed by Ridha El Behi. As a woman, Zina consents to sacrifice herself to enable her companion to live his dream.
Her first success with movie goers was her performance in the film Millefeuille, 2013, made by Nouri Bouzid. In the movie, she played the role of Aicha, a single woman who is questioning her life choices, during the period of the Tunisian Revolution.
Her first television appearance was in 2008, in the Ramadan season. It was since then that she has started climbing the ladder of success. Since then, she has appeared in a lead role in the Ramadan season series.
In 2015, she was a member of CREDIF Jury at the Carthage cinema days (JCC), Tunisia, 2015.
The jury was awarded the Safi Faye Prize by the CREDIF and supported by UNESCO.
In her free time, Souhir enjoys painting. As she puts it, « painting is for me the voice of my soul ».
In her paintings, she mainly draws self-portraits. Unfortunately for her fans, she has always refused to expose her paintings saying « it’s not for sale; it’s about my deeper emotions dancing on the frame".

Cinema :
2016 • Lead role (Fatma) in the film Le démon de midi (Midday’s demon), director Moez KAMMOUN
         • Lead role (Laila) in the film « La Jayda», director Salma BACCAR
         • Lead role in the short film Quand le ciel se met a crier (When the sky weeps), director Kais MEJRI
2012 • Lead role (AICHA) in the film « Milles feuilles», diretor Nouri BOUZID
2011 • Lead role (ZINA) in the film Always Brando, director Ridha ELBAHI
2009 • Lead role in the short film Liste d’attente (Waiting List) of the project « 10 courts pour une cause »
2007 • Lead role (ASMA) in the short film Envole in the project « 10 courts pour 10 regards »
Theatre :
2015 • Lead role (Yomna) in theater play Tounes (Tunisia), director Ahmed Amine BEN SAAD
2013 • Closing ceremony of the International Festival of Hammamet, co-reading of the text Hêtre (Beech) by the Belgian actress and playwright Céline DELBECQ 
Television :
2016 • Lead role (Sarra) in the series, Flashback, director Mourad BENCHIKH
2015 • Lead role (Linda) in the series Lilet echak (Doubt Night), dirctor Majdi SMIRI
         • Lead role (Sandra) in the series, Hkeyet Tounsia (Tunisian Tales), director Nada MEZNI HFAIEDH
         • Role (Fatima) in Italian telefilm « Anna e Youssef », director Cinzia Th. TORRINI
2014 • Lead role (Mouna) in the series Dragnov, director Oussema REZG
2013 • Lead role (Donia) in the series yawmiyet imraa (A woman’s Diaries), director Mourad BENCHIKH
2012 • First role (Hinda) in the series, Depanini (Help me out) of Hatem BELHADJ
2011 • First role (Dalel) in the series, Tawla w kressi (lit. Tables and Chairs), director Ibrahim JALOULI
2010 • First role (MALIHA) in the series Maliha of Abdelkader ELJERBI
         • Role in documentary Voyage au bout de l’enfer (A journey to the Edge of Hell), by National Geographic, episode «Saddam, Iraq »
2009 • First role (FATMA) in the series, Achek Essarab (Mirage Lover), directed by Hbib MSALMANI
2008 • Role (LILI) in the series Maktuub, Sami FEHRI
         • Guest star in the series Choufli Hal (I want a Solution), Sleheddine ESSID
Jury :
2016 • Jury in "The days of the short film" in Gabes
         •‘Best Short Film’ Award Jury in the Tunisian Cinema Festival
2015 • Jury of Safi-Faye Prize for the best woman director, Carthage Cinema Days
2014 • Jury in Maghrebian short film festival in Oujda (Morocco)
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